Class TabCompleteEventImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Event, TabCompleteEvent

    public class TabCompleteEventImpl
    extends Object
    implements TabCompleteEvent
    This event is fired after a tab complete response is sent by the remote server, for clients on 1.12.2 and below. You have the opportunity to modify the response sent to the remote player.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TabCompleteEventImpl

        public TabCompleteEventImpl​(Player player,
                                    String partialMessage,
                                    List<String> suggestions)
        Constructs a new TabCompleteEvent instance.
        player - the player
        partialMessage - the partial message
        suggestions - the initial list of suggestions
    • Method Detail

      • player

        public Player player()
        Returns the player requesting the tab completion.
        Specified by:
        player in interface TabCompleteEvent
        the requesting player
      • partialMessage

        public String partialMessage()
        Returns the message being partially completed.
        Specified by:
        partialMessage in interface TabCompleteEvent
        the partial message
      • suggestions

        public List<String> suggestions()
        Returns all the suggestions provided to the user, as a mutable list.
        Specified by:
        suggestions in interface TabCompleteEvent
        the suggestions