Interface TabListEntry

  • public interface TabListEntry
    Represents a single entry in a TabList.
    • Method Detail

      • gameProfile

        GameProfile gameProfile()
        Returns the GameProfile of the entry, which uniquely identifies the entry with the containing UUID, as well as deciding what is shown as the player head in the tab list.
        GameProfile of the entry
      • displayName

        java.util.Optional<net.kyori.adventure.text.Component> displayName()
        Returns Optional text Component, which if present is the text displayed for this entry in the TabList, otherwise GameProfile.getName() is shown.
        Optional text Component of name displayed in the tab list
      • setDisplayName

        TabListEntry setDisplayName​(@Nullable net.kyori.adventure.text.Component displayName)
        Sets the text Component to be displayed for this TabListEntry. If null, GameProfile.getName() will be shown.
        displayName - to show in the TabList for this entry
        this, for chaining
      • ping

        int ping()
        Returns the latency for this entry.

        The icon shown in the tab list is calculated by the latency as follows:

        • A negative latency will display the no connection icon
        • 0-150 will display 5 bars
        • 150-300 will display 4 bars
        • 300-600 will display 3 bars
        • 600-1000 will display 2 bars
        • A latency move than 1 second will display 1 bar
        latency set for this entry
      • setPing

        TabListEntry setPing​(int latency)
        Sets the latency for this entry to the specified value.
        latency - to changed to
        this, for chaining
        See Also:
      • gameMode

        int gameMode()
        Gets the game mode this entry has been set to.

        The number corresponds to the game mode in the following way:

        1. Survival
        2. Creative
        3. Adventure
        4. Spectator
        the game mode
      • setGameMode

        TabListEntry setGameMode​(int gameMode)
        Sets the game mode for this entry to the specified value.
        gameMode - to change to
        this, for chaining
        See Also: